Monday, 27 December 2010

Nice Holiday Time

I really hope that all you lovely ladies out there are enjoying the break ... I love the couple of days after Christmas I find them the most relaxing... We have had a couple of new arrivals arrive before the Christmas .. Boys fabrics are just so hard to find these days and I think that these Eleanor Grosch are just perfect for new Year Boy treats ..

Check out these and more fab new fabrics here at

Saturday, 18 December 2010

No more Snow ..

Okay - I have had enough snow now and I don't want anymore .. I only went to the post office this morning ... walking ... the poor lady behind the desk nearly had a heart attack when she seen me arrive in totally covered from head to toe ... in snow and proceeded to drip everywhere .. she didn't seem impressed I may add... So I have being kept busy rustling up some new little charm packs for the shop ... and here they are ... we have also had some other new arrivals - which I think are great as well.. here we go ..

Cute new Charm packs - can be found here

Beautiful new Anna Maria Horner Cottons @ £2.75 per fat quarter - you can't go wrong
they can be found here

We have also had some Heather Ross - far and Away 11 arrive ...
they are my absolute favourite at the moment - stunning

Click on magnifying glass to enlarge image

Click on magnifying glass to enlarge image

I absolutely LOVE Heather Ross and her beautiful drawings ...
here are just a couple of fabric designs from here blog

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

winner of Kokka fabrics

Crikey I am far behind this week ... I was meant to draw a winner on Friday ... but anyway here we go .. the winner is MaryPoppins ... (no not that one) .. this one here.... Contact me with you address Mary and I will get your prize off to you ...

Anyways I have being a bit busy myself over the past couple of days .. making these little happy hoops as gifts .. I love smallish things and these hoops are great for little pressies... I used some of the new Kokka French themed baloon fabric and a couple of the Kaufman fabrics and took it from there .. please excuse the bad light - I was burning the midnight oil ... Gwen

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kokka Giveaway

Okay - I couldn't quite wait until Monday .. well close enough for me .. Sunday .. I just love my Kokka fabric giveaways ... because..well- everybody loves Kokka .. don't they?.. They are all so different .. the thing about Kokka fabrics is they never have a name on the selvedge edge stating the design of the fabric.. like Amy Butler fabrics .. 'optic blossom' or 'innocent crush' by Anna Maria Horner .. etc .. So I end up naming a lot of the fabrics myself for the shop .. so that I know what customers are ordering ... and to distinguish one from the other...

To enter this competition I want you to say what you would title your fabric ..... if you were to design one yourself ...

Oh yes and the Prize ... 8 fat quarters one of each of the fabrics pictures below (a great pressie for someone... or just keep for yourself) ... I will send anywhere in Europe ... so don't be shy ...
I will choose an entry on Friday 10th December .. so be quick

Saturday, 4 December 2010

New Kokka Arrivals

We have had a great delivery of Kokka fabrics - just in time for Christmas .. quirky new small prints and some old classics in different colour ways .. stay tuned for a giveaway on Monday Ladies .. Hope you are all keeping well in the snowfall.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

new fabric door

It is getting very very nippy around this neck of the woods
... perfect time for making and creating... we have being busy - trying to get our house sort of finished for Christmas .. there has being lots of odds and ends to finish off .. There was a very boring door opening into our hot cupboard in the bathroom .. we were trying to find a replacement but it is so narrow .. and working out quite expensive .. I thought I don't want anything fancy - just something nice
So I remembered ages ago reading an article about covering walls in fabric ..I kind figured that you could cover any thing really ..all I really needed was ... fabric - which I had an abundance of .. starch and a little bit of patience..I googled and found the link that I was looking for here and away I went .... to be honest find the starch was the hardest thing .. but I knew that it was better to do that than just stapling it on to get a nice smooth finish.. and I also wanted to be able to pin my brooches into it as well.. so this is what my door looks like now .. what do you fancy covering in your house .. no moving creatures please .. ie dogs .. or hubbies

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Patchworks delights

I won't deny it .... I have being absolutely useless recently .. and things have seem to get a little on top of me ... it has just being mayhem .. .. but I have being meaning for a while to introduce you to a lady called Fiona .. aka Patchwork delights ..

Yellow Frogs Cosmetic Pouch- Irish Seller

Being a fellow Paddy - I like to follow her blog and she informs me of the weather reports on the Emerald Isle if I am heading there ... her makings seem to be little make up bags, cute baby balls, and mini quilts ... I believe that she does Custom Quilts also .. so check here out ... If you would like a little something special made.


She has an Etsy Shop and you can check out the rest of here goodies .. right here .. she has some great little Nativity Quilts for sale also .. far too cute

Drawstring Bag - white tones

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Competition with the sewing directory

I nearly forgot .. but not quite .. we are running a competition with the sewing directory. I am sure all you ladies and gents have heard of the sewing directory - but if not .. It is a very inspirational site.. if you are looking for sewing classes .. handy hints and tips and has a constant list of up and coming sewing events .. Fiona is always on top form as to what is happening out and about .. .. anyway back to the giveaway ..

3 lucky winners will get £14 of fabric, that's enough to buy a couple of their mini cloth stacks or over a meter of your favourite fabric.

In order to enter please let them know

Which of the Mini Cloth Stacks on our site is your favourite?

You can enter here ..

Here are a couple of our mini cloth stacks to get you tempted

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Westfalenstoffe fabrics

Westfalenstoffe fabrics

At last we have being able to pop our new delivery of westfalenstoffe fabrics into our shop - a few of you bloggers out there have being asking me when they were to arrive .. I thought that I would jot it here. These wide width fabrics are great for Christmas. although not 100% organic they have
No Azoic Dyes used during processing.
No Formaldehyde used during processing.
No Optical Bred during processing.ighteners us
Sympathetic pH - Value for skin.
Free from Chlorine Bleach.
Free from Heavy Metals.
Super quality and great design

We have also had a cute selection of cotton tapes arrive for Christmas stockings and decorations

All available now @

Monday, 25 October 2010

New Sale items and Free postage until Saturday

Hello All - I am still in Ireland with the slowest .. (no exageration ) slowest broadband in the world... absolutely driving me crazy ...but I have being told by my dearly beloved that not 1 .. not 2 but 3 deliveries have arrived ... and I know that we are seriously running out of room... so I thought that it might be a good idea to pop some new items in our sale section ... we are also offering free postage on all purchases over £10.00 ... as usual postage will be refunded to you via paypal .. Hope that you find something that you like ... Gwen