Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sajou .. I love you

I have recently being looking for new suppliers .. to get some cute supplies to sell in the shop .. It is a little difficuilt .. looking for new fabric suppliers .. and a bits and bobs supplier .. you know maybe a little gifts section..customers have already started enquiring about gifts .. and to be honest ladies - I have being a little behind this year (I was pretty behind last year also to be honest).. anyway on my travels I came accross a company called sajou..
...and I have to say was super super impressed with their most beautiful catalogue .. Their supplies and stocks are mostly for cross stitching .. but the most beautiful thread cards - you have ever seen .. small craft boxes ... the cutest wooden measuring tapes ....

to be honest the list goes on ..pin cushions to make .. big letters to cross stitch .. I am thinking christmas stockings .. I think that it is a lovely range ... so ladies .. all of you out there - who cross stitch .. or who have never heard of it but might like to try it .. stay tuned ...

Great old solution to thread knotting ...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Customer creations

Love the cute heart button on this creation

There is a lovely lady customer named Philippa and she creates the most simple stylish stuffed folk horses and Christmas decorations.. her shop is ever growing .. so check her out and see if there is anything that you fancy - there is definitely something here for Christmas trees and mantle decorations .. you can check her out on folksy shop here

Monday, 20 September 2010

Lets talk about stretch.. baby

These great new knits by Patty Young have being around for a while .. but they are new to us here at celticfusionfabrics .. I love the colors of them and They are very good quality

and make great skirts, dreses, pinies... and tops ...

Tips for working with Knits

-Always wash & dry your knit fabrics BEFORE beginning a project. By nature, knits shrink a lot more than woven fabrics.

-Always sew with a ballpoint needle Because knit fabrics are made with yarns and not threads, the regular universal needles will slash right through those yarns and cause unsightly holes and runs. A ballpoint needle has a slightly rounded tip that separates the yarns as it penetrates the fabric.

-Just go for it - you can get away with a lot with Knits than cotton fabrics - they are a lot more forgiving.

Warm wash- Do not dry clean- tumble dry medium - warm iron

free tutorial for a Yoga skirt can be found here courtsy of Patty Young

Here are another couple of quirky kids pics that I have borrowed from the Patty young



Sunday, 12 September 2010

New Charm packs

Our new charm packs have being very popular recently .. with customers .. asking for mixes and matches of snippets from here and there .. the pieces are smallish .. 27cm by 22cm .. but it is amazing what you can do with these smallies .. The new bundle that I have put together is by Echino ... as all of you know - it ain't cheap . but it is fantastic .. quality and visually wise ...

I have taken some images from the small Echino catalog that I received .. to give you a little inspiration as to what can be created with these little pieces of treasure.

Small coin purses

A patchwork handbag .. (Ohh really like this one)

we will also be adding some of these great pink treats for little girls .. (or ladies)

I figure that you could make an amazing foot pouffe .. something like this one pictured .. with half a yards worth of these quirky pinky textiles.

Image taken from www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk

Monday, 6 September 2010


We have a winner of our Kokka Fabric giveaway in conjunction with imagingermonkey .. drum roll please ladies and gents ...... the winner is of our great wee giveaway ..is Bridget ,...Bridget said she'd make Christmas presents with the FQ stack... hopefully she might send us on some pics of her beautiful creations ...