Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kaffe quilt fabric giveaway ... HOT NEWS

For the past couple of weeks .. us .. (well.. just me actually) have being back and forth with emails to a lovely lady who has a great quilting blog "lily's quilts".. her blog is extremely witty and full of useful information .. helpful tips and general good fun blogness ..

Well the lovely Lynne at Lilyquilts is running a competition in conjunction with us here at celticfusionfabrics.The competition is to guess how long it will take her to create this beautiful quilt by Kaffe Fasset (image not shown for copyright reasons) And the HOT NEWS is that you get to choose your very own giveaway from us here up to the value of £20.00 If you choose carefully, that's 8 fat quarters. You can choose fat quarters, mini cloth stacks, patterns, linen tapes, anything at all from here And if you win, your choices will be sent to you (subject to them still being available failing which you will be free to choose suitable alternatives to the same value). Here's a little tempter of something you might choose...from us

The previous rule that you have as many guesses as you want has now changed. You now have only two chances to win this prize. You can make two different guesses. One guess on my blog and one on Lynne's Lilly'squilts blog If you've already made your first guess on my blog, you're in a good position but you need to head on over to Lynnes' blog for your second guess. When stating your guess here please specify what you would like from my shop .. these shown are just a sample of our textile treats.

Lynne have taken 18 hours to get this far (see partial quilt top lounging on log pile below) and she have to complete this quilt: (which is not pictured for copyright reasons). How will we decide a winner? We will take a few people who are close in hours to the final tally and will then pick the most interesting / funny / intelligent / insightful comment as the winner. And the winner is more likely to be someone who is now or becomes a regular visitor to our blogs as opposed to someone who pops in for the day, has a guess then we never hear from them again. I'm not saying you have to follow us but followers may have an advantage. The quilt will take Lynne a few more weeks to finish and the giveaway winner will be announced at the end. Good Luck!

Quilting Queens .. go check out Lynnes great blog to submit and for general qulting tit bits ...


  1. 56 hours is my second guess, a lot less than the previous guess!After having one to many glasses of wine last night I cannot think of anything "interesting / funny / intelligent / insightful comment" to say! I do love the russian doll fabric though ...Karen

  2. What!!! I was supposed to be insightful or funny! I'm saying 92 hours because I figured out how long it would take me and then I subtracted 50 hours because I'm distracted easily. I've been known to head for the ironing board and end up going out to get ice cream.

  3. My guess is 56 hours only because it looks like she knows what see is doing.


  4. My guess is 42 hours. No real reason, other than she has gotten a good amount done in 18 hours and she is DEFINITELY quicker than I would be!

  5. I'm guessing that she will take 48 hours - I know it would take me a heck of a lot longer that that

  6. This is my second guess, and I am going for..52 hours...

  7. This is my second guess and I'll go with 62 on this one. Lily said we had to select what we wanted and that would be Kaffe Fasset fat quarters in pinks/reds/purples.

  8. My first guess was 57 and I am going higher on my second guess, sorry Lynne :) Not that I don't think you are a speedy quilter or anything. I actually think you are more of a perfectionist and "Jack the Ripper" might need to come and help you a little so I guess I will go with 78 on my second vote. And to select what I want, so many choices. I guess HR Princess and the Pea and maybe the Zebra Echino print so I can make a purse, or some Hope Valley. I would be happy with any of those. Surprise me :)

  9. My guess is 72 hrs total incl quilting and binding.

    I would love ½ meter of echino black/yellow/fuchsia owl and leopard fabric and ½ m of echino quiet ground, springbok and zebra

  10. I am guessing 51.5 hours total. She can do it!

    My brother was stationed in Japan with the Navy for almost 10 years. Only in the last months he was there did I realize that there are TONS of great Japanese fabrics. --oh, the wonders of the internet--oh, the wasted fabric years! I made him go shopping for me before he came home and got some great fabric! I would loved to have been a fly on the wall watching him wander the fabric store. :) Unfortunately, it will be at least 3 years until he gets stationed there again - if at all.

    Soo...I really, really would like to continue to increase my store of fairy tale fabric...I LOVE Kokka's Wizard of Oz, Alice, 3 Pigs and Little Red, not to mention, the Dala horses, Humpty, Let's Play House and Leap Frog. Humm... definitely over 20, but I'd pay the difference. :) You have some great fabric!

    Alright Lynne...this is the plan: slow down or speed up as needed but make your quilt in 51.5 hours! I'm counting on you! :)

  11. 46 !! Go Lynne Go !! You can DO this !!!

  12. Lovely quilt!
    My guess...78 hours total piecing, basting, quilting, binding.
    I would love some Michael Miller and Kokka fabric :-)
    Oh and I follow!

  13. 65 hours, 27 minutes and 45 seconds which has all the scientific judgement on my part of a 'guess the weight of the cake' moment but there you go. I've had a mooch around your shop and am feeling amorous towards the Westfalenstoffe simply because I haven't seen it anywhere else.

  14. My guess is about 60 hours. Total stab in the dark, though!

    If I had my druthers, I would choose a coordinating set of your hedgehog fabrics. We used to own an African Pygmy Hedghogs, and I have such a soft spot for them. Cutest animals ever! I would love to make something out of hedgie fabric.

    If that wasn't an option, your retro kitchenalia designs are simply scrummy. Ack! I can't choose!

  15. Okay I've looked through the store, finally! Whew! Even with a new computer some things take forever. I just read an article in the local paper that our local internet provider (they have a monopoly) kicks you out when you try to open too many windows at once. They don't want you to be too greedy. Hmmph! I'd say having a monopoly is being greedy. Anyway they seem to kick me out if I have more than two or three open, and some windows take as long as 5 minutes to open. Your store is among those. So I would pick three Kaffe Fassets, because I'm collecting them and you have three that I don't have. Then I'd pick the yellow dandelions from Saffron Craig cause I love the colour and I might have to get some of the Heather Bailey church flowers and picnic bouquet because they're so pretty. Oh heck it's hard to choose. Now I have to come up with a new time for the quilt finishing. I went high on my last one. I'm going to come down a little this time. Then Lynne will be so excited about my renewed faith in her to finish quicker that she will be quicker! And I'll have guessed correctly! Good strategy eh? OOPS. I'm giving away my Canadian origins. My guess this time is going to be 87 hours, give or take some minutes. Hope I got it right!

  16. I guessed on hers and I am now going to guess here - with a higher guess. I'm going to say it'll take an additional 71 hours!

    And I can't pick all the ones I want right off the top of my head, but so far I am loving the Michael Miller funky high tea and the Michael Miller retro small mushroom. I'm a big fan of some of the food and some of the 50's designs as well. Very cute fabric choices!

    And now, because one of my babies is kicking me furiously (pregnant with twins!) I'm going to have to lay down for some beauty rest... assuming they'll let me get some tonight!

    Good luck to everyone, and thank you for the opportunity in this giveaway!

  17. I've already made a guess over at Lynne's blog, so I think I will say 73 hours.


  19. I guessed 60 hours on the other blog. I went to your shop and WOW!! I am in love with your fabrics. I would love to win and buy some of the Far Far Away or some of that deer and the mushroom fabric. Too many cute things to choose from.

  20. I am now your stalker er, I mean follower!

  21. My guesstimate is that it will take 65 hours total so she has another 42 hours to go. I went to your shop and would definitely purchase fabric as I'm trying to increase my stash...can't pick a favorite, though, I have a list of cloth stacks that I like and would probably order them as fat quarters...looking at your selections, I think I would end up spending more than I won as there were so many choices!

  22. My second guess is that it will take another 27 hours to complete the quilt, or 50 hours total. My favorite fabric selection would be as many FQ as can purchase of Saffron Craig fabrics. In order of preference, Australian inspired parrots, whimisical dandelion on yellow, Owls nesting, Trees mignon,owls on tree - fun and quirky, whimsical dandelion on pink. Thank you for this sweet giveaway. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  23. Fabric love? The Echino flowerbed with bird—the color and design of Echino is always so striking!
    A guess on the quilt total hours is 55 (my age + my son’s age).
    Hey I’m a follower!! From a safe distance, you know. None of that “I’m so close you can’t see my headlights” business. LOL!
    Would it help if I gave you some inner-city Chicago lingo? How’s this…
    Crazy-cute giveaway! Thank you for turning this mutha out with such a creatively fasnarfin prize!

  24. I'll guess 62 hours for the total. I love the fabrics you have, especially the elephants. They would be so cute in a baby quilt.

  25. The Quirky Kiddies fabrics by Robert Kaufman is what I would choose! And it will probably take another 12 hours to finish that quilt.

  26. my second guess is around 50 hours
    and i would defenatly choose the echino fabrics
    i love them and dont have any... poor little me...

  27. my second guess is 48 hours! I would love some Kokka and a bit of the lovely tapes you have :)

  28. again...i haven't got a clue, but i'll say 75 hours. it's so beautiful! as for what i'd love from your shop--some of everything? but, since i have to be realistic...i'll say some of your wonderful ribbons/tapes in any thing with flowers or if it has ladybugs that would be great. i love the matruska doll material--a bunch of fat quarters of that would be fantastic. fat quarters to match it--polka dots maybe? whatever...i love fabric--just ask the poor hubby who occasionally vacuums my sewing area for me so i can see the pretty round rug he bought for me, and is suitably enthusiatic about my endeavors. thanks for the giveaway opportunity and have a great day!!

  29. so many pretty things to choose from... but my heart belongs to the Heather Bailey fabric.

    I am guessing a total of 82 hours.

    wish me luck.

  30. Gwen, I cannot stop giggling over the fabric you have. Definate favs are the Goatie Postie, Hedgehog, 50's musical pets, and zoology on black. How does anyone ever think up Goatie Postie??? too funny.
    Ok, now for my theory of completeness. My guess is 51 hours. This is the formula. Since construction of quilts and repairing a toilet are similar in that they take longer than anticipated, I started with 2 hours, multiplied times number of toilets (3). Now at the number 6 we add how many diapers I changed yesterday ( a stomach monster crept through the house) which was 7 changes. They were all very messy (to be polite) so multiply that number by 2 and you get 14, so 14 times 6 is 84. However, if Lynne's hubby runs the house, the business, the kids, the 4 legged friends for 3 days, Lynne can widdle that number down to subtract the age of the person her hubby forgot to feed (I'm making Lynne 32.5 years old like it or not) and subtract her age from total, you get 51 hours which will place her into the same place my mother used to threaten us when doing something naughty, "Into the middle of next week". Yep! That's my scientific and final answer. 51 hours. Oh, and I follow your blog now, hey, don't roll your eyes!!!! :) Thanks for the giveway.
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  31. Hi there, I've come over from Lynne's blog for my second guess, which is 44 hours but mainly to have a mooch around your shop. I'm so excited to find a non-US quilting shop that I didn't know about, be back in a while to tell you what I love most. Thanks for the giveaway, it's cool :)

  32. Okay, just to say I've signed up for your newsletter and to follow your blog (don't get spooked, I'm a nice person) - are you on Facebook btw couldn't find you? Okay, back to the shop....

  33. Hi all,
    Beautiful quilt!!!!!!! Love KF fabrics he is one of my favourite designers.
    Can you hear this??? Yesh,is the "Eye of the tigger" theme, go for it Lynee,go!! I'm sure you will be able to finish the quilt in 38 hours.

    I would love to get Echino set or some Heather Bailey fabrics or some HR, such a beautiful fabrics all of them.

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  35. I think I must be mistaked. Do I have to say the hours she need to finish the quilt from this moment on or the total? If is the total I guess 79-81 hours.

    Elena :)

  36. Back from looking at your shop, you have some amazing things - and so many I haven't seen before which is exciting. Also, I love the way you have organised your site, with options to select fabric in different way - great thinking. I love the buttons. My fabric choices are usually Japanese and I adore the Echino but I also love the Cloud 9 organics, they sound and look delicious. You having stunningly good taste to put together this array of fabrics, oh and I forgot to mention the tapes and patterns. Gosh, £20 won't be enough but I'll happily pay the difference. Be back to see you soon, Lis x

  37. I am a follower....

    I think the quilt will take 63 hours to complete, it is gorgeous!!

    And from you shop I love:
    The Michael Miller hedgehog fabric stack and I think I have to have some of those ceramic buttons!! :)


  38. Okay since I get a second guess I will say 47 hours.
    I would love some Kaffe fabric and that Kokko looks interesting too. Yeah if I win I THINK that would be what I pick....but I can change my mind right?

  39. Right oh - since I guessed 48 hrs I get a second opportunity and would suggest 49.25 hrs as for fabric selection - I still love the first set (whatever it's called)

  40. I follow your blog, and I think it will take 73 hours to entirely finish the quilt.

    I am not particularly funny or insightful, but I do have one good joke:

    There are two muffins in an oven. One muffin says, "Sure is getting hot in here." The other muffin says, "Ahh!!! Talking muffin!!!"

    Also my insight is from the Tao Te Ching -

    The old saying
    Broken becomes whole
    is not just empty words.

    It becomes whole and returns.

    From your lovely shop I would get:
    clothes on line palm tree cotton fabric (fat quarter)
    Heather Ross Princess and the Pea (half yard)
    Mustard Garden (fat quarter)

    What a beautiful shop!

  41. I think 60 hours. (it would take me that many days compared to her hours :))So thats what I am going with. Great blog & love the quilt.

  42. OK OK, I hold my hands up and confess - I am a blogandfabric-aholic! seriously addicted.
    I've found so much talent and creativity in Blogland, humour and inspiration. I see that Lynne has an ancient sewing machine so I drag out my 45 year old machine with the intention of trying quilting, but it's not too happy at being neglected for many years. Undaunted I try the 75 year old machine - it works! However, speed on the footpedal seems to determine stitch size! In the meantime, I spend hours shopping for fabric online and dreaming of all the things I'm going to make.
    I consider buying a walking foot and having machine serviced but get carried away at the shop and order a BRAND NEW MACHINE!! I am sooooo excited!!!
    I have lots of fabulous handmade things made by crafty bloggers; lots of fun reading about other people's lives; I'm absolutely broke and have no spare time to make anything. Happy? YES.
    So, it would take me forever to make Lynne's quilt and I can't even guess how long it will take her so I will just plump for OH's age, which is 56!
    If I won this giveaway I would probably choose the Westfalenstoffe navy and red mini cloth stacks and the Chirp Bird cloth stack as I continue on my mission to own everything in your shop!!