Friday, 18 May 2012

We have a winner

Can I just say how absolutely amazed we both are at the response that we have had to this raffle- people have being so fantastic at putting their hands in their pockets for this amazing cause - I have had so many emails from people sharing their stories of their own children, relatives and friends who have being affected with brain conditions - I personally had never heard of brainwave - but now I know of it I will definitely be trying my best to spread the word of this great cause.

Starting out we were hoping to achieve £50.00 from this raffle that was all but we have doubled it to £100.00 .. which I think is fantastic .. all from word of mouth - and to everyone who mentioned us on blogs .. etc - THANK YOU

Ps to all who asked if I would be making a saddle .. bum protector for the ride ... the answer to that is a big fat "NO".. I am going to make him suffer a little more ... maybe next time ...

The list of the tickets are below and the numbers 

1 - Fiona Pullen 
2- Donna Hicks
3- Donna Hicks 
4 -Donna Hicks
5 -Sarah (aka narcolepticinacupboard)
6 -Sarah (aka narcolepticinacupboard)
7- Sarah (aka narcolepticinacupboard)
8- Sarah (aka narcolepticinacupboard)
9 -Sarah (aka narcolepticinacupboard)
10 - Suezann Murray 
11- Richella Duggan
12 -Richella Duggan
13 - Richella Duggan
14- Jenny Kingcome
15- Ali Burdon
16-Rineke Nanlohij-Sturm 
17- julie williamson
18 - julie williamson
19- julie williamson
20- Larissa Leiser 
21- Joanna Robertson
22- Gabrielle Hewett 
23- Gabrielle Hewett 
24- Gabrielle Hewett 
25- Sarah Lou
26- Mary Emmens
27- Mary Emmens
28- Mary Emmens
29- Mary Emmens
30- Mary Emmens
31- Mary Emmens
32- Mary Emmens
33- Mary Emmens
34- Mary Emmens
35- Mary Emmens
36- Fiona Flossy Knits 
37- Wanda Fish 
38- Wanda Fish
39- Wanda Fish
40- Peter Hartley 
41-Elizabeth Nevey
42 -Miriam Faulkner
43-  a touch of domesticity
44 -Diane McClure 
45- Diane McClure 
46 -Diane McClure 
47-Diane McClure 
48 -Diane McClure 
49 -Tanya Bainbridge
50 -Tanya Bainbridge

We have used the trustee random number generator to  pull the winer 

True Random Number Generator  18Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Julie Williamson is the winner of this gorgeous bundle of fabrics
 Look forward to hearing from you Julie with your contact details  

- thank you again to everyone - who took the time and were 
generous enough to donate