Sunday, 12 September 2010

New Charm packs

Our new charm packs have being very popular recently .. with customers .. asking for mixes and matches of snippets from here and there .. the pieces are smallish .. 27cm by 22cm .. but it is amazing what you can do with these smallies .. The new bundle that I have put together is by Echino ... as all of you know - it ain't cheap . but it is fantastic .. quality and visually wise ...

I have taken some images from the small Echino catalog that I received .. to give you a little inspiration as to what can be created with these little pieces of treasure.

Small coin purses

A patchwork handbag .. (Ohh really like this one)

we will also be adding some of these great pink treats for little girls .. (or ladies)

I figure that you could make an amazing foot pouffe .. something like this one pictured .. with half a yards worth of these quirky pinky textiles.

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