Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Introducing Lawn Cottons

Mmmm Lawn Cottons - such a great versatile weighted fabric, scarves, shirts, skirts, duvets, quilt tops .. light, soft and floaty. 

Lawn: Plain weave sheer fabric, originally of linen, but now also describes cotton fabrics. Lawn is made from very fine (thin) high thread count carded (prepared with a brush) yarns. Lawn is always made with an even weave using even yarns to produce a smooth, untextured surface. A crisp finish is frequently applied to lawn fabrics, and occasionally to other fabrics, which are then said to have a ‘lawn finish’. Comes from Laon in France, which used to be a major producer of linen lawn.

We have just got a selection of 150 cm wide beautiful floral and graphic lawn cottons into the shop - fantastic value @ prices starting at £1.70 per fat quarter .

Pop over and have a look at www.celticfusionfabrics.com