Tuesday, 5 April 2011

10% discount has ended ..er.... and new website

 Hello - just to let you know that our 10% discount expired  on Sunday look forward to writitng to all you new mailing list subscribers ....... oh yes and just to say that we (.. well me are (is).. working on a new website .. we ( yes me again)    started celticfusion off with Mrsite about 3 years ago ... never really expectiong that we would end up with about 500 bolts of fabrics.. amazing .. and fabulous ... but our website has turned into a big pain in the bum for me and for you .. so I am typing ... uploading .. dowloading .. and yes drinking lots of strong drink to get me through ... so I am hoping in a week ( maybe a little adventurous there.. but I will try my best) to have a   swish new website for you .....thank you all for your fantastic support  for us ( me) and I hope that our new website will be a fantastic for you and for me .. with lots of new products .. I am hoping... thank you all again... Gwen

Saturday, 2 April 2011

10% off orders over £10.00

Hello everyone - just to start of the hols .. yes we are off  from Monday until Wednesday the 13th April - we are giving 10% off all orders over £10.00 - (not including postage) - the money will be refunded back to your paypal account.. and just a sneek .. some lovely new Riley Blake fabrics arrived this morning ... tweet..