Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas giveaway.....

When I first saw the Timber & Leaf collection  by Sarah Watts.. I thought mmmm Christmas... I don't really know why, I expect it has something to do with the warm mellow colours and the beautiful softly drawn illustrations... I have being waiting in anticipation for it and I think it is perfect for a seasonal giveaway....

 To enter all you have to do is answer finish this sentence..

All I want for Christmas is ...........

- The prize -8  fat quarters of gorgeous Sarah Watts Timber & Leaf  plus 2 co-ordinating pieces of the fantastic Essex Linen 

-The competition is open to the UK and Europe and I will post to the winner

-The competition will run until Friday the 21st December - I will pop the fabric in the post on the Saturday before I close for Christmas 

- Please leave your comment on  my blog 

-I will notify the winner via this blog and Facebook .. so keep and eye on us.. 
Lots of Luck to everyone ...gwen

Wishing you all a very very Happy, Joyous, Relaxing, Peaceful and Fantastic Christmas.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gorgeous new fabrics .. just in

We have had a gorgeous new selection of fabrics arrive in the past couple of days... I have to be honest and say that the excitement of opening a new box from kokka fabrics definitely surpasses that of any other supplier - I lOVE  Kokka and that is actually one of the reasons that celticfusionfabrics was started was my  love of Japanese fabrics. They are not the cheapest of fabrics on the market  but the quality is gorgeous and I find a little goes a long long way. I try to mix them with plain linens and but fabrics with a small print ... so little pieces can be treasured for  smaller projects... here are some of the gorgeous new prints that we have just received ... ( PS ... the banker penguins are my favourite....)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

New gorgeous linens

I love Linens .. I love.. the weight.. the textures... the vibrant colours ... and the strength ..  We have  had a lovely new selection of linens comes in - they are a broad width and are use great ...
La couture by Stof fabrics is 100% linen .. and Lush.. we have also stocked up our wide plain line mix fabrics .. which are great blenders .. check them out below

Ps .. apologies for the picture overload - I just think that they are so pretty - in cloth stacks, fat quarters, half yards and yards .. oh yes and meters.. Gwen
you can find them here http://www.celticfusionfabrics.com/ourshop/cat_399832-New-in-.html

Thursday, 8 November 2012

winner of competition

At last - we have a winner -apologies for the delay we have being trying to catch up... on everything and thank you for everyone for entering .. and for racking their brains to come up with  thought through.. great answers -

The winner is number 128 - Nati - her answer was..

Oh what a question, I don´t really know but it would be lovely to have an Argentinian themed collection, with all the colours and traditional designs. Thanks for the chance to win!

Absolute congrats Nati and I look forward to hearing from you with you address details and where to post to.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

competition closed

Hello all and thank you for entering out giveaway .. winner will be announced tomorrow .. gwen

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dutch Love and a giveaway

Dutch love  arrives at Celticfusionfabrics. 
We  know that it is nowhere near valentine's day - but we have totally fallen in love with these  colourful prints designed by the uber - talented Susanne Firmenich. The collection combines greys and yellows, pinks and greens and  blues and oranges, each print  looks great on it's own or beautiful together with a graphic yet slightly retro feel. 

Photo courtsey of Susanne Firmenich

This collection is perfect for  clothing the cotton has a lovely feel and drape and very soft,  also  on a wider cotton of 150cm - even better for larger projects.

Photo courtsey of Susanne Firmenich

To celebrate the arrival of this gorgeousness we are having a little giveaway.

To enter all you have to do is answer this Question and leave a comment on my blog -

The Question - In designing her collection Susanne was obviously influenced by all things Dutch .. on designing your first collection - what  would be your biggest influence?

- The prize -9  fat quarters of gorgeous co-ordinating prints  including the new Dutch love (as pictured above)

-The competition is open to the UK and Europe and I will post to the winner

-The competition will run until Tuesday the 6th November 

- Please leave your comment on  my blog 

-I will notify the winner via this blog and Facebook .. so keep and eye on us.. 
Lots of Luck to everyone ...gwen


Monday, 22 October 2012

12% off

We have lots of news fabrics coming in the next few weeks .. to celebrate we are offering 12% off all order over  £10.00 - just enter discount code 
 at the checkout. This offer runs until Thursday.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Last day of giveaway

We have being away for  10 days- so have failed to mention that there is a Japanese charm swap going on over here - with Sarah - she has being looking for 56 swappers - but check there may be a few spare places. also we are running a giveaway with her and the last day is tomorrow .. so be quick and get your comment in - over with her..... we have this gorgeous little bundle to give to a lucky winner - I love this prize and the colour combination ... thank you to Sarah for running the swap and the giveaway ...

Ps... again you can find Sarah's great blog here 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fabric covered walls

Fo ages .. years even .. I think - I have being hoarding this Anna Maria Horner fabric, I love her prints and for some reason this was not popular in the shop, so I squirrelled it away for myself, I don't often do this but I had something in mind for it - deep .. deep .. deep - something that I really wanted to do, but wasn't really sure how to. After reading this great tutorial from Michael  Miller here about starching walls.. I thought heck - if it goes wrong - I can just pull it down.
My walls were wall papered with the most horrendous paper, that was there  from the previous owner ..I had attempted to take it down as we had done with the other walls - but it just seemed to be welded on .. and I had given up -  I know shame on me - but everything else in the house is nearly done and this was the last thing to be completed - so hey I started.
I had read a couple of other snip- its from blogs .. saying .. 'really difficult'.. 'needs two people to do'..stains the walls'.. etc ... but I thought that I would crack on anyway.

I cut the length of the piece of fabric that I am after, I measure the height of the wall - adding a couple of inches extra for the top and the bottom for the fabric shrinkage.

-I then  cover a section of my wall with starch .. it is recommended that you use  the flo starch - but to be honest I have never seen it here and the only liquid starch that I could find was this at the  chemical hut here 

- I then discovered that you should really have your fabric slightly damp to aid with sticking. so I  did that next - just slightly damped under the tap.

- while the fabric is damp - I trimmed off the selvedge edge - I wasn't sure whether to do it or not - but figured it would look a lot nicer and it being  damp - stopped the edges fraying.

- I had a hammer and a few tacks handy to help me put it up .

- I tacked up the centre of the first piece - leaving an overlap at the top for shrinkage. I started on the left hand side lining it up,  the fabric edge with the wall.
I tacked again on the side to keep in place.

- I took a sponge dipped in the starch and applied to the fabric as I would while wallpapering I smoothed it along the fabric to get the bubbles and the crinkles out.

-The fabric adheres quite quickly to the wall with  the starch and it very easy to smooth out.
-At the stage I have just quickly tacked along the side and along the top - just to keep the fabric in place while the starch is setting.

-I decide to leave that to semi dry - before I start with the next piece/ length. I work out my repeat pattern  and how much the fabric will overlap in order to make the patten work.

-I cut to the right length as before.

-I starch my wall as previous putting extra starch over the fabric that was there in order to help it line up and stick.

I continue these steps until I get to the end of the wall.. letting the previous section dry a little before putting the new pice of fabric on .. and always tacking along the top and the side.

I have to say - I did  enjoy this project as it was an instant transformation of the room .. and I could do it myself - I was never much good at wallpapering . I found that the starch was easy to clean up as well after .. as it does get a little messy .. overall I nice diy job that could be adapted to lots of coverings .. doors etc.. would I do it again ... YES

Monday, 30 July 2012

Generator  6

Hello All- apologies for the delay for the delay with the results of our giveaway with being away and the olympics - I have being slightly distracted .. Thanks a lot for all of the lovely comments ...a lot of them made me giggle and giggle .. and I hope that you are doing all of those crazy sun filled adventured now with the great heat that we are having ... The number generator has pulled number 6 .. so counting .. counting ... we have  celtic thistle stitches .. congrats to you ... ps love the name ....

Monday, 23 July 2012

summer sale

We have added some fabrics to our Summer Sale section ... check it out - there might be something that you fancy.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A small flannel quilt

I have being away for a a couple of days and enjoying the sporadic weather in Ireland - when I was packing I threw one of our smallie packs of flannel with a half yard of great spotty flannel  into the case ... thinking ... I might be able to knock up a small little cozy quilt for a gift when I am away.

 Having a usual no plan I started cutting ... aware of the fact that the pieces are small - 26 by 23cm - I wanted to make the most of them with the pattern  and mix in the spots also ...
The backing was made with a cozy blanket that I got last year to back a  quilt .. and this is the fourth quilt that I have got out of this good value blankie.

This is the smallie pack that I used and also pictured is the spot flannel.

Oh yes - nearly forgot - we will be drawing for our giveaway when we get back.. so I shall keep you posted ... many thanks for staying tuned....

Thursday, 12 July 2012

GIveaway for a wet day

The weather has seriously let us down recently .. with the days of rain, rain and more rain .. I think that we had our Summer in May ... and to be honest we have just got to face the fact..

 I really figured that all of you lot out there needed a little bit of a cheer up - so we are having a little giveaway. 

We have had a lovely delivery of Scandinavian inspired cottons .. So I figured they would be a nice prize.

The question that I would like you to answer out there in order to enter is ...

If the sun came out tomorrow .. for a whole day ( yes proper sun that would last at least 10 hours) .. how would you spend your day?

-The prize is this great little fabric stack 16 fat quarters - worth approx £50.00 

-The competition is open to the UK and Europe and I will post to the winner

-The competition will run until Monday the 16th of  July

- Please leave your comment on this blog

-I will notify the winner via this blog and Facebook .. so keep and eye on us  

Silly answers will be looked upon fondly .. I would probably fill up the paddling pool and go for a soak .... 

Lots of Luck to everyone- gwen 

Can't wait until next week to try and get your hands on these goodies - you can always have a goo in our shop for a sneaky peek...


Monday, 18 June 2012

Discount code

We have 12% off of all order over £10.00 until Friday 22nd June with discount code at checkout 


Have a goo there might be something that you fancy.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

quick look at newbies...

Hello all - I just wanted to give you a quick peek at some of our newbie prints ... we have over 40 cloth stack combinations in stock at the moment.. and it seems to be growing .. happy looking .. gwen

The long awaited summerville collection has arrived - an uber cool collection in beautiful vibrant shades

Also in is the even more long awaited flea market fancy array by Denyse Schmidt ... full of charm - this collection will put a smile on your face 

With the weather getting worse instead of better - you might find these cozy flannels very handle to snuggle up to - 100% cotton flannel - fab for PJs and quilts ... 

Did you know that we have over 40 fabric stacks in stock - these are a great addition to any stash - 

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks - I feel a small giveaway coming up ... thank you again - Gwen