Sunday, 28 November 2010

new fabric door

It is getting very very nippy around this neck of the woods
... perfect time for making and creating... we have being busy - trying to get our house sort of finished for Christmas .. there has being lots of odds and ends to finish off .. There was a very boring door opening into our hot cupboard in the bathroom .. we were trying to find a replacement but it is so narrow .. and working out quite expensive .. I thought I don't want anything fancy - just something nice
So I remembered ages ago reading an article about covering walls in fabric ..I kind figured that you could cover any thing really ..all I really needed was ... fabric - which I had an abundance of .. starch and a little bit of patience..I googled and found the link that I was looking for here and away I went .... to be honest find the starch was the hardest thing .. but I knew that it was better to do that than just stapling it on to get a nice smooth finish.. and I also wanted to be able to pin my brooches into it as well.. so this is what my door looks like now .. what do you fancy covering in your house .. no moving creatures please .. ie dogs .. or hubbies

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Patchworks delights

I won't deny it .... I have being absolutely useless recently .. and things have seem to get a little on top of me ... it has just being mayhem .. .. but I have being meaning for a while to introduce you to a lady called Fiona .. aka Patchwork delights ..

Yellow Frogs Cosmetic Pouch- Irish Seller

Being a fellow Paddy - I like to follow her blog and she informs me of the weather reports on the Emerald Isle if I am heading there ... her makings seem to be little make up bags, cute baby balls, and mini quilts ... I believe that she does Custom Quilts also .. so check here out ... If you would like a little something special made.


She has an Etsy Shop and you can check out the rest of here goodies .. right here .. she has some great little Nativity Quilts for sale also .. far too cute

Drawstring Bag - white tones

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Competition with the sewing directory

I nearly forgot .. but not quite .. we are running a competition with the sewing directory. I am sure all you ladies and gents have heard of the sewing directory - but if not .. It is a very inspirational site.. if you are looking for sewing classes .. handy hints and tips and has a constant list of up and coming sewing events .. Fiona is always on top form as to what is happening out and about .. .. anyway back to the giveaway ..

3 lucky winners will get £14 of fabric, that's enough to buy a couple of their mini cloth stacks or over a meter of your favourite fabric.

In order to enter please let them know

Which of the Mini Cloth Stacks on our site is your favourite?

You can enter here ..

Here are a couple of our mini cloth stacks to get you tempted