Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Patchworks delights

I won't deny it .... I have being absolutely useless recently .. and things have seem to get a little on top of me ... it has just being mayhem .. .. but I have being meaning for a while to introduce you to a lady called Fiona .. aka Patchwork delights ..

Yellow Frogs Cosmetic Pouch- Irish Seller

Being a fellow Paddy - I like to follow her blog and she informs me of the weather reports on the Emerald Isle if I am heading there ... her makings seem to be little make up bags, cute baby balls, and mini quilts ... I believe that she does Custom Quilts also .. so check here out ... If you would like a little something special made.


She has an Etsy Shop and you can check out the rest of here goodies .. right here .. she has some great little Nativity Quilts for sale also .. far too cute

Drawstring Bag - white tones


  1. Hi Gwen

    Thanks so much for the blog feature! Well your frog fabric was a success as that froggy pouch is hopping its way over to the USA!

    Thanks FB, hey glad to see we follow a mutual blog!


  2. I don't like Patchwork really so much, but your creation are great!