Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sketch Flower screen print

We have being busy testing some more fabrics and inks  for our screenprinting - I love the red and the black together .. and the linen is a beautiful weight.. ...

Sunday, 11 September 2011

10% off and newbies

We have had some beautiful and bright new cotton fabrics from the fantastic designer Monaluna - from her new collection metro market - which she designed in collaboration with Robert Kaufman - This collection is seriously funky and very cool - great for napkins, table cloths , tea cosies .. funky pot holders .. aprons .. and the rest for a hip kitchen

 We also have the most beautiful flannel panel arrive - it was such a shock to have it arrive in the delivery - as I had totally forgotten that  I had ordered it - with it came some beautiful birds on flannel - and a beautiful  chocolate brown floral print  - I know someone out there in blog land had asked for this - so if you are out there! here it is 

  Eeek nearly forgot - we have a 10% coupon off for you on all purchases (not including postage) over £10.00 - Please enter discount code celticffcode7
This code will be valid until Saturday 17th September
Many thanks

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Test prints

We have being busy doing some small test prints of our pattern that we have drawn ..The patterns have being printed onto an organic white cotton .. some came out terrible .... disasterous - and some came out well... have a goo..  Now that the difficuilt  bit of the screen-burning and the first print have happened .. the next prints on the should be a doddle .... (I hope!)....

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Something new

Things have being a little slow here on our blog this Summer .. but we are back now heading into an other season back in the rhythm and ready to rock .. we have some lovely new collections popping in which we hope you will all love. Hopefully also in the next couple of weeks we (when I say we .. I really mean I) will be starting to screenprint our own fabrics .. I did touch on Screenprinting in my University years so have being getting into the knack of it again.

 I have being working over the summer on a couple of ideas and am now waiting on some  base cloths to arrive  .. I want to keep it as organic as I can so - super environmental cottons and  non toxic inks .. starting small ... of course with  fat quarter size pieces .. so  stay tuned .. I hope it is going to be a great time for us.... here is a little snap  of our current design that is we are hoping to be able to get printed in the next couple of weeks