Saturday, 18 December 2010

No more Snow ..

Okay - I have had enough snow now and I don't want anymore .. I only went to the post office this morning ... walking ... the poor lady behind the desk nearly had a heart attack when she seen me arrive in totally covered from head to toe ... in snow and proceeded to drip everywhere .. she didn't seem impressed I may add... So I have being kept busy rustling up some new little charm packs for the shop ... and here they are ... we have also had some other new arrivals - which I think are great as well.. here we go ..

Cute new Charm packs - can be found here

Beautiful new Anna Maria Horner Cottons @ £2.75 per fat quarter - you can't go wrong
they can be found here

We have also had some Heather Ross - far and Away 11 arrive ...
they are my absolute favourite at the moment - stunning

Click on magnifying glass to enlarge image

Click on magnifying glass to enlarge image

I absolutely LOVE Heather Ross and her beautiful drawings ...
here are just a couple of fabric designs from here blog