Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Some last minute scrap Christmas stars

This stars were so easy to make .. I just
-cute out my star shape
-trace onto fabric
-cut out my star shape with pinking scissors
 -sew onto felt 
 Then cut out my felt shape while sewn to fabric with pinking sisscors
 I added some wool to hang.. 


November has being an awful month  for us .. my Dad Tommie passed away and it was back and forth to Ireland like a Lepracaun on speed .. but we gave my Dad a good send off that I think even he would have being proud off - He was a very particuliar man .. and being a carpenter everything had to be just so ... we will miss you Tom ..So this month I only got to back about 2 things one was a christmas bunny .. that I had being asked to make .. initally 15 .. but with everything I just got around to making .. one .. yes 1 .. unno .. In memory I used an old shirt belong to my dad as the back of this one .. so little Sorcha .. will have a good old chew on that ...