Monday, 27 June 2011

New Kokka delivery

We have a great little delivery arrive form Japan and are anxiously getting our way through it - slowly but surely - Our first little treat are these cotton line blends which are always absolutely perfect for small pouches, tote bags - great for cushions, covering footstools (if you fancy it) - etc -  

The next range that has just arrive is for the ever divine echino  .. never fails to impress me - and to be honest I could spend hours stroking it and looking at it -(but less of that). It s a wider fabric (62 inches) - it is a cotton / linen blend also but much lighter and more fluid than the typical linen  mix fabric from them - perfect for a cool summer skirt,  drapes, and maybe a lush duvet cover for yourself.

 Last but not least to arrive was the cutest collection of kokka cottons - always super for a dress for a  little one - cushion covers and quirky treats.... 

I am totally in love with snow white in the red above - pink and red  is always one of my favourite color combinations .....we have some other great kokka prints arriving in the next couple of days ..I'll keep you posted