Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bunny brigade

I feel in love with a bunny patten that was give to me buy a friend, who I hasten to add makes the most beautiful plush penguins that I have ever seen...  and I think I am on a mission to make a miny bunny brigade, I aim to make 20 and I have already made 10 .. (i think ) - I would like to list them on folksy .. to see how they get on .....  
I would love to use some of my new ribbons to  decorate them .. somehow .. stay tuned to see how I fair .. might turn out to be a very small army .

for the little nibbler

A friend of mine had a new baby a while back and I have promised her that I would make her something sweet .. so I thought  these cute letters make out of fab coloured  fabrics would look really sweet hanging over her cot .. one squeeks and the other one ... (not sure but i am sure it will get a lot of chewing.. I hear she is a real nibbler.

Never - never gain

Never again .. never - ever ..I mean a new bathroom .. it must be easier to build a whole new house - in fairness to my plumber I have nearly driven him mad with my 'smallest tile' in the world selection .. that is bound to drive even the nicest.. sainest person - absolutely doo lally .. but apart form that things are good... The shop usually slows down a little this time of year and I usually end up making and making .. but this year there is a house to and so my making seems to have gone  alittle to the wasteside .. and all I really want to do is to sit at me sewing machine ... that seems to be permanently covered with wallpaper swatches ( I don't even have any wallpaper) .. paint samples and yes the dreaded bathroom time. I do however plan on covering this small footstool that I bought of ebay - I have being looking for one to cover for ages and thins appeared I had to go for it -I have taken the legs off .. but when I get them back on - I  think that it will look just fab ......