Friday, 30 October 2009

Christmas crafts

Felt christmas robins with Fabric wings and tales 
Just wanted a couple of these for myself this year for the tree .. have done my fave part of cutting .. now I just have to stuff and stitch 

The start of the long eared bunnies 
 I don't know .. really I don't know what my fascination is with bunnies .. well I don't have a fascination really .. but when I go to make a softie.. I always want to make rabbitts .. bunnies .. hares .. I suppose these are going to be more like hares really .. anyway my fave part the cutting out has just started .. .. double sided hares with very long ears .. that can wrap around themselves  - I was thinking !!

Can you se them take shape??? .. okay it may be hard to tell for now - but i am hopping to have some for sale in my shop soonish...

New arrivals ..


People are asking more and more about fabrics in form such  as jelly rolls and the like for patchwork and quilting.. A lot of the fabulous fabrics that come in from Japan are not available  in such form .. but we have being talking to each other .. well I have being talking to myself really .. and we are thinking that we could make it available for people to buy smaller pieces of fabrics in coordinating stacks for them to play around with more and to have less waste when they are experimenting . at the minute - not sure really how to do it .. but when I know more I will let you know..



We have had some great new arrivals from the freespirit range .. I had being wanting to get freespirit into the shop for a while now - I always thought that it was great quality fabrics as well as being good value for money 

A lot of the new arrivals is firmly made up of greens and blues. oh yes and yellow.

pig- let footstool

 I always love the arrival of Echino fabric - great quality and always always something new and exciting .. I bought an old footstooll from Ebay and have being dying to cover it .... with the house going through some crazy DIY .. I wanted to wait until we were finished - but heck we are not - but I wanted  a new footstool anyway .. so staple gun in hand I just went for it ..

You can find  these fab fabric here with us 

small quilt

Now I don't know about you guys.. but I hate to say it - but I have never really made a proper quilt .. you know with the freehand stitching and such .. and after I go wow .. I made that - well this month that is all going to change .. yes ladies - it is quilt time .... now hold on this is not going to be like anything like you have seen at knit and stitch .. or the like .. all I know is I need three kiddies like quilts for three dear friends - that expecting little people.

It may not look like much now .. sticktaped to my room door.. but hey ...give me a  break - our house is a little on the small side

I have gone for greens .. blues and a touch or red .. I think that these combinations would be great for both boys and girls .. I really wanted to use cloud9 's  organic cotton - alongside the soft Kaffee Fassett cottons  .. stay tuned for updates

SORRY It has being a while

The past couple of months have being seriously busy ... and so my little blog has fallen to the waste side .. but do not fear viewers  we are back .. well kinda.. I always seem to have very little time to do this .. Anyways got to crack on.