Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ty Pennington Prints

I had being trying for ages to try and get this simple prints in stock - I love the way this man and his team transform homes and peoples lives with his great talent...  and to be honest I really love his textile designs also .. have a peek and see what you think. There are also some great little projects on his site here that I am sure you will find some great inspiration for your next project

When it comes to good design, Ty is inspired by colors, textures and the world around him to tell stories about the remarkable people he meets. Ty Pennington Impressions™ brings to you this same passion and desire; good design, fashion-forward colors and inspiration to make your creative life unique and extraordinary.
“I'm constantly finding inspiration everywhere I look, but primarily it comes from architecture, nature, travel and stories from the extraordinary people I meet.” — Ty

We have themed this great bold prints with some beautiful colored shot cottons -the rich beautiful colors are great with the simple graphic shapes from Ty. 

 Kaffee Fassett Plain shot cotton in SPROUT

Ty Pennington Foliage scene in Chartreuse
Ty Pennington Blossom flower in Chartreuse