Monday, 10 May 2010


We are now doing Vouchers at Celticfusionfabrics .. Well I suppose that I was before as well .. but nobody had ever really asked for a voucher.. Anyway a lovely gentleman requested one for his lovely partner and I kind of thought .. what should it look like .. I don't actually have any .. but hey presto .. flicking through this months Sewhip mag .. I came across this hand-sewn card with a template .. and I thought .. that would be a great voucher card .. so I quickly whipped up one to send to my lovely customer.

8 handmade items a week

I was at a local craft fair last week .. well it was more of a country fair really organised by Oakleigh crafts fairs .. I know they run fairs all over the country ... and everytime I receive one of their newsletters .. I say _ I really want to do a craft fair .. just to see what it is like .. so I went along and there was a lot of cute things there .. and some mad ferrets .. wooley sheep and good local cider .. So I thought that the only way to do a craft fair is to be strict with myself .. I have got to make some wee bits to take with me .. obviously .. So I thought to myself -start small and work your way up.. So I kind of of figured if I could make a batch of goodies a week - I could motivitate myself that way. .. not that I need motivation- I have just get to get some sort of a system going for myself .. I figured if I could m ake 8 objects a week .. okay 8 is quite a lot .. with work and the shop .. but if I aim for 8 and actually make 3! (is that cheating).. I think that I might be doing well..... and ready for my craft fair in 2015!!!.. anyway it is worth a go.

All of these little bits were made using little offcuts of fabric that I had squirrelled away .. I just can't throw even the smallest piece of fabric away .. I think that it is a sin.