Sunday, 4 September 2011

Something new

Things have being a little slow here on our blog this Summer .. but we are back now heading into an other season back in the rhythm and ready to rock .. we have some lovely new collections popping in which we hope you will all love. Hopefully also in the next couple of weeks we (when I say we .. I really mean I) will be starting to screenprint our own fabrics .. I did touch on Screenprinting in my University years so have being getting into the knack of it again.

 I have being working over the summer on a couple of ideas and am now waiting on some  base cloths to arrive  .. I want to keep it as organic as I can so - super environmental cottons and  non toxic inks .. starting small ... of course with  fat quarter size pieces .. so  stay tuned .. I hope it is going to be a great time for us.... here is a little snap  of our current design that is we are hoping to be able to get printed in the next couple of weeks