Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I just went out to the post office!

I have just being to the post office for 10 minutes and when I came back .. My neighbour dropped in this box which had arrived for me .. yum .. some cute japanese imports .. love 'em .. now back to getting ready to go to Ireland .. (wonder how many days it will ran for this time ....probably the whole time .. ah well ) ..

The blue seersucker cupcake is probably my favourite .. whatcha think??

Yuwa is coming

When I first started celticfusionfabrics.. I had being searching around for interesting brands to stock .. and I came across Kokka .. definitely my favourite brand that we stock.. unusual and for me - very exciting to order and to sell .. great quality .. fab designs .. okay I will admit a little expensive .. but looks great alongside plain cheaper cottons and maybe into litle patchwork .. beautiful.
But the brand that I really wanted to get my teeth into was Yuwa fabrics .. they do a beautiful range of sugar flower and English rose themed cottons .. but the type / style that I really wanted were the retro ones .. Graphic .. and bold ...

So I tried and I tried to get in contact with someone ...(anyone) who could help me and then one day I got a response .. and eventually someone spoke to me .. and there was a light ... well a very small light ... at the end of the tunnel ... even with my Irish charm it was hard to get the information out of the Japanese people. why ? you may ask. well 1. I know that they love to keep a lot of the great designs for themselves and 2. My Japanese is very very minimal, well non- existant really.. but anyway eventually success ..

and we have ordered the following from them ... I really hope that you like them .. I will keep you posted with much better pics when they arrive. I love the idea that we have a great new Range arriving here with us ....