Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Yuwa is coming

When I first started celticfusionfabrics.. I had being searching around for interesting brands to stock .. and I came across Kokka .. definitely my favourite brand that we stock.. unusual and for me - very exciting to order and to sell .. great quality .. fab designs .. okay I will admit a little expensive .. but looks great alongside plain cheaper cottons and maybe into litle patchwork .. beautiful.
But the brand that I really wanted to get my teeth into was Yuwa fabrics .. they do a beautiful range of sugar flower and English rose themed cottons .. but the type / style that I really wanted were the retro ones .. Graphic .. and bold ...

So I tried and I tried to get in contact with someone ...(anyone) who could help me and then one day I got a response .. and eventually someone spoke to me .. and there was a light ... well a very small light ... at the end of the tunnel ... even with my Irish charm it was hard to get the information out of the Japanese people. why ? you may ask. well 1. I know that they love to keep a lot of the great designs for themselves and 2. My Japanese is very very minimal, well non- existant really.. but anyway eventually success ..

and we have ordered the following from them ... I really hope that you like them .. I will keep you posted with much better pics when they arrive. I love the idea that we have a great new Range arriving here with us ....


  1. Thank you so much for the fabrics i won! I have already used some of it.
    I have made a girls summerdress with short sleeves, and i have used the owls for the sleeves. It looks beautiful.
    Later today i will post a picture of the dress on my blog. Youre welcome to look and see ;-)


  2. Oh my goodness me and my giddy aunt - these are the kind of fabrics I go NUTS about - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE - please do not let me know when they come into stock or I might end up clearing out our bank account in one fell swoop!

  3. Oh Karina .. I am delighted .. thanks so much for entering .. New comp coming in the next week or 2 .. love your blog .. happy summer .. G

  4. aren't they fab .. I nearly had to donate a kidney to stock those .. any word on the giveaway ...i want to giveaway some free fabrics .. hope all is well with you .. G

  5. Goodness, those fabrics look lovely! I'm sure I won't be able to resist some when they arrive!

  6. I have recently bought some of these from Japan- so complicated to do and I had a lot of help, but now they are closer to home, fantastic. I have the top on in 2 colourways- it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see them in your shop