Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I just went out to the post office!

I have just being to the post office for 10 minutes and when I came back .. My neighbour dropped in this box which had arrived for me .. yum .. some cute japanese imports .. love 'em .. now back to getting ready to go to Ireland .. (wonder how many days it will ran for this time ....probably the whole time .. ah well ) ..

The blue seersucker cupcake is probably my favourite .. whatcha think??

Yuwa is coming

When I first started celticfusionfabrics.. I had being searching around for interesting brands to stock .. and I came across Kokka .. definitely my favourite brand that we stock.. unusual and for me - very exciting to order and to sell .. great quality .. fab designs .. okay I will admit a little expensive .. but looks great alongside plain cheaper cottons and maybe into litle patchwork .. beautiful.
But the brand that I really wanted to get my teeth into was Yuwa fabrics .. they do a beautiful range of sugar flower and English rose themed cottons .. but the type / style that I really wanted were the retro ones .. Graphic .. and bold ...

So I tried and I tried to get in contact with someone ...(anyone) who could help me and then one day I got a response .. and eventually someone spoke to me .. and there was a light ... well a very small light ... at the end of the tunnel ... even with my Irish charm it was hard to get the information out of the Japanese people. why ? you may ask. well 1. I know that they love to keep a lot of the great designs for themselves and 2. My Japanese is very very minimal, well non- existant really.. but anyway eventually success ..

and we have ordered the following from them ... I really hope that you like them .. I will keep you posted with much better pics when they arrive. I love the idea that we have a great new Range arriving here with us ....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Charm Packs in stock

Cutting .. cutting .. a lot of cutting .... I was recently asked by a customer to do a mix of a couple of charm packs.. this is what we came up with .. each pack contains 8 pieces (22cm by 27) ..not to small but perfect for little projects .. nice .. bright and colorful and a perfect sampler pack . not sure what colors to go for .. pick 2 ... available at our shop .. and many more selection to come...

I made more of these great little .. super easy birds for small gifts ... sorry about the grainy photo ... was late.. the pattern for this babies can be found here at Spool Sewing

Thursday, 22 July 2010

This is it Ladies - last chance to guess

Well ladies - this is it .. the lovely Lynne over at Lily'squilts .. is nearing the finish line with her beautiful colorful Kaffe Fasset creation.

On reading her blog over the past couple of weeks .. I realise that this Lynne lady is one very talented person .. I have learned about wonky blocks, Hexagons, double geese circle blocks .... (although to be honest - I don't really think that I am up to the challenge of that one yet) and other great info that has started me on the road of my first mini quilt .. I have no pics as yet .. but I am getting there .. watch this space.
But anyway back to the business in hand.... We at celticfusionfabrics are giving £20 of fabric or items of your choice to the person who guesses correctly how long it will have taken Lynne to cut, piece, occasionally rip and re-piece, measure, mend, sandwich, quilt and bind the quilt. You can have two guesses, one on my blog ( please have a look and let me know what you might fancy) and one on the Lynnes's blog The winner of the giveaway will be announced just as soon as this quilt is finished which should be over the next week or so. I still have all the old guesses stored up and all the guesses will go into the mix, if more than one person is correct, Lynne will choose my favourite of the winning comments to receive the giveaway.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Weekends by Erin McMorris.. is here


Weekends is a fresh new collection of designs inspired by sunny relaxing days, with time to garden, bike or picnic in the park. Combining hand-drawn flowers with precise patterns and dots create designs that are summery and modern. The palettes, with butter yellow, tomato red, lavender and leaf green will take you from dawn to dusk.

Absolutley perfect for quilting this selection of fabrics complement each other perfectly .. unisex for quilting for wee people or perfect for a last minute shirt of skirt .. Love it .. Erin Mcmorris - is definitely one of my Favourite designers


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

We have a Winner

Ladies and gents .. (yes we did have one man enter)... we have a winner .. well three winners actually .. I actually couldn't physically decide who to pick .. from ironing boards to toy buckets to bunting .. I just had to draw from a hat .. just to be fair .. and they are ...

MERMAID.. I've been wanting to make some fabric cuddly animals for my daughters, so this would mean I finally started my project with such gorgeous stacks of fabric.

MOLLIMOO..Ooh, I'd make lots of lovely lavender sachets with it,if I were lucky enough to win! Gorgeous items x

KARINA ...Beautiful give away! Im in ;-)
I would make some pillows and use the rest for applications on clothing.
Looking forward to follow this blog!

Thank you very much everyone for taking the time to enter ..
Winners please contact me with you address so that I can get your mini cloth stacks off to you .. CONGRATULATIONS

Thursday, 1 July 2010

July's Loyalty Scheme

The fabrics in this July's Loyalty Scheme are ...

Great new cloth stacks & GIVEAWAY


We have put together some more great new Mini cloth stacks for you .. and especially for the Summer .. these are little crackers .. The good thing about these little stacks is that you don't have to buy large quantities of fabric to get a taster of what you like and build your little stash .. slowly .. great for small crafts .. little totes.. cushions and general patchwork

GIVEAWAY Simple just tell me what you would do with your 3 mini cloth stacks (each piece of fabric measures 55cm by 22cm).. total 12 pieces .. of cuteness.. just tell me what you would do with your freebie stash .. I would make a patchwork deckchair cover.. what about you ladies out there ???

We have 3 sets of 3 cloth stacks to give away
3 lucky winners

New Cloud 9 ..

Newbies for the Summer months .. Those ladies over at CLoud9 are .. well they are just fab .. they are knocking out collection after collection after collection .. They have the most beautiful flannel collection coming for the Autumn .. Ladies pull yourselves together .. but they are great ... but enough about flannel ..the new range beyond the sea has arrived and the Anenome one .. is a crowd pleaser .. fantastic.


Beautiful tea -towels- black rabbit

I was lucky enough to go to the Selvedge fair last week in Archway ... the products I have to say were "AMAZING'.. the most beautiful knitted toys and softies fabuloue cushions .. the list to be honest goes on .. and on .. I came away thinking .... yes I can do that.. that and that ... It was one of the hottest days of the year .. so our trip was finished with a smallish drink (or 5) in a local pub ... I picked up these vibrant t- towels at the fair .. Beautifully designed by the Black Rabbit.

Hand Printed on Organic cotton .. really too nice to dry my cups with .. so mine are going in frames on my wall.