Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kaffe quilt fabric giveaway ... HOT NEWS

For the past couple of weeks .. us .. (well.. just me actually) have being back and forth with emails to a lovely lady who has a great quilting blog "lily's quilts".. her blog is extremely witty and full of useful information .. helpful tips and general good fun blogness ..

Well the lovely Lynne at Lilyquilts is running a competition in conjunction with us here at celticfusionfabrics.The competition is to guess how long it will take her to create this beautiful quilt by Kaffe Fasset (image not shown for copyright reasons) And the HOT NEWS is that you get to choose your very own giveaway from us here up to the value of £20.00 If you choose carefully, that's 8 fat quarters. You can choose fat quarters, mini cloth stacks, patterns, linen tapes, anything at all from here And if you win, your choices will be sent to you (subject to them still being available failing which you will be free to choose suitable alternatives to the same value). Here's a little tempter of something you might choose...from us

The previous rule that you have as many guesses as you want has now changed. You now have only two chances to win this prize. You can make two different guesses. One guess on my blog and one on Lynne's Lilly'squilts blog If you've already made your first guess on my blog, you're in a good position but you need to head on over to Lynnes' blog for your second guess. When stating your guess here please specify what you would like from my shop .. these shown are just a sample of our textile treats.

Lynne have taken 18 hours to get this far (see partial quilt top lounging on log pile below) and she have to complete this quilt: (which is not pictured for copyright reasons). How will we decide a winner? We will take a few people who are close in hours to the final tally and will then pick the most interesting / funny / intelligent / insightful comment as the winner. And the winner is more likely to be someone who is now or becomes a regular visitor to our blogs as opposed to someone who pops in for the day, has a guess then we never hear from them again. I'm not saying you have to follow us but followers may have an advantage. The quilt will take Lynne a few more weeks to finish and the giveaway winner will be announced at the end. Good Luck!

Quilting Queens .. go check out Lynnes great blog to submit and for general qulting tit bits ...

Monday, 17 May 2010

New Peace collection by Michael MIller

I have being very excited about this collection of fabrics by Michael Miller .. I love that the shapes are bole and graphic and I absolutely adore the coral writting on the cream lined background .. a little like a old school copybook.. They all complement each other perfectly .. I love them ..

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

This Weeks Fav fabric

I do love this fabric by Kokka.. comes in three colors .. subtle for kiddies .. not too pink or too blue .. lovely shaped zoo critters. Also a great quality fabric mix of cotton and linen - I love it. Available here at celticfusionfabrics

Monday, 10 May 2010


We are now doing Vouchers at Celticfusionfabrics .. Well I suppose that I was before as well .. but nobody had ever really asked for a voucher.. Anyway a lovely gentleman requested one for his lovely partner and I kind of thought .. what should it look like .. I don't actually have any .. but hey presto .. flicking through this months Sewhip mag .. I came across this hand-sewn card with a template .. and I thought .. that would be a great voucher card .. so I quickly whipped up one to send to my lovely customer.

8 handmade items a week

I was at a local craft fair last week .. well it was more of a country fair really organised by Oakleigh crafts fairs .. I know they run fairs all over the country ... and everytime I receive one of their newsletters .. I say _ I really want to do a craft fair .. just to see what it is like .. so I went along and there was a lot of cute things there .. and some mad ferrets .. wooley sheep and good local cider .. So I thought that the only way to do a craft fair is to be strict with myself .. I have got to make some wee bits to take with me .. obviously .. So I thought to myself -start small and work your way up.. So I kind of of figured if I could make a batch of goodies a week - I could motivitate myself that way. .. not that I need motivation- I have just get to get some sort of a system going for myself .. I figured if I could m ake 8 objects a week .. okay 8 is quite a lot .. with work and the shop .. but if I aim for 8 and actually make 3! (is that cheating).. I think that I might be doing well..... and ready for my craft fair in 2015!!!.. anyway it is worth a go.

All of these little bits were made using little offcuts of fabric that I had squirrelled away .. I just can't throw even the smallest piece of fabric away .. I think that it is a sin.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fav fabric for this week

I am loving this .. the color .. the graphic shapes .. I am seeing a beautiful blind for my new bathroom.. or a quirky piece of wall art ...

New Echino Home Decor in stock

I am such a fan of Echino ..I also love to see them arriving in stock - there is just something about the weight and the quality and the beautiful patterns that I just love - At £4.20 they are not the cheapest fabrics that we have in stock - but a little goes a long way ... purses... cushions ... add with cheaper plain linens.. footstool covers....

Quilt for Mauritius

A very dear friend of mine.. Marie Claire.. MC.. or Buttie as I call her has had her first little boy ... I so wanted to make her something to treasure when the little fellow got older so I thought that I would put together a quilt for her .. I failed to remember that she does indeed live in Mauritius .. so probably not much call for a snuggly quilt there .. but I thought fizz it - I have already started .. so I am going to finish it.

After much success with our great little mini cloth stacks that we have in stock I thought that I would use one of those as a bases for the .. quilt just to show .. that you can do a lot with smaller pieces of fabric. I originally listed these fabric for Blythe dolls (a favourite treasure with a lot of our customers) .. but they have gone from strength to strength and I love to mix and match the fabrics .. as seriously that is one of my favourite parts of running my little business - putting colors together .

These little budles are great for button covering .. softies.. patchwork cushions .. or any little crafty treat really.

I knew with my quilt that I didn't want anything too cutesy -- and decided on reds and blues with a dash of lime green and some quirky little Japanese fabric

So I picked out this cloth stack .. consisting of some fab graphic floral fabric by Kokka .. Alexander Henry's beautiful butterfly and trendy tulip alongside Brandon Mably's serious Ziz zag
I also added a couple of off cuts of the green and this is what I ended up with.

I really wanted something easy .. no binding on the edges .. no fancy needlework .. just bold and bright.. The backing came from a blankie that I had bought for myself - but it wasn't suitable - and it was huge - so I will definitely get another couple of small quilts out of that.

All of these fabrics we have in stock in the small cloth stacks .. so you could easily rustle up a couple of original baby quilts or mats for about £10.00