Thursday, 22 July 2010

This is it Ladies - last chance to guess

Well ladies - this is it .. the lovely Lynne over at Lily'squilts .. is nearing the finish line with her beautiful colorful Kaffe Fasset creation.

On reading her blog over the past couple of weeks .. I realise that this Lynne lady is one very talented person .. I have learned about wonky blocks, Hexagons, double geese circle blocks .... (although to be honest - I don't really think that I am up to the challenge of that one yet) and other great info that has started me on the road of my first mini quilt .. I have no pics as yet .. but I am getting there .. watch this space.
But anyway back to the business in hand.... We at celticfusionfabrics are giving £20 of fabric or items of your choice to the person who guesses correctly how long it will have taken Lynne to cut, piece, occasionally rip and re-piece, measure, mend, sandwich, quilt and bind the quilt. You can have two guesses, one on my blog ( please have a look and let me know what you might fancy) and one on the Lynnes's blog The winner of the giveaway will be announced just as soon as this quilt is finished which should be over the next week or so. I still have all the old guesses stored up and all the guesses will go into the mix, if more than one person is correct, Lynne will choose my favourite of the winning comments to receive the giveaway.