Friday, 30 October 2009

Christmas crafts

Felt christmas robins with Fabric wings and tales 
Just wanted a couple of these for myself this year for the tree .. have done my fave part of cutting .. now I just have to stuff and stitch 

The start of the long eared bunnies 
 I don't know .. really I don't know what my fascination is with bunnies .. well I don't have a fascination really .. but when I go to make a softie.. I always want to make rabbitts .. bunnies .. hares .. I suppose these are going to be more like hares really .. anyway my fave part the cutting out has just started .. .. double sided hares with very long ears .. that can wrap around themselves  - I was thinking !!

Can you se them take shape??? .. okay it may be hard to tell for now - but i am hopping to have some for sale in my shop soonish...

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