Friday, 30 October 2009

small quilt

Now I don't know about you guys.. but I hate to say it - but I have never really made a proper quilt .. you know with the freehand stitching and such .. and after I go wow .. I made that - well this month that is all going to change .. yes ladies - it is quilt time .... now hold on this is not going to be like anything like you have seen at knit and stitch .. or the like .. all I know is I need three kiddies like quilts for three dear friends - that expecting little people.

It may not look like much now .. sticktaped to my room door.. but hey ...give me a  break - our house is a little on the small side

I have gone for greens .. blues and a touch or red .. I think that these combinations would be great for both boys and girls .. I really wanted to use cloud9 's  organic cotton - alongside the soft Kaffee Fassett cottons  .. stay tuned for updates

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