Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sajou .. I love you

I have recently being looking for new suppliers .. to get some cute supplies to sell in the shop .. It is a little difficuilt .. looking for new fabric suppliers .. and a bits and bobs supplier .. you know maybe a little gifts section..customers have already started enquiring about gifts .. and to be honest ladies - I have being a little behind this year (I was pretty behind last year also to be honest).. anyway on my travels I came accross a company called sajou..
...and I have to say was super super impressed with their most beautiful catalogue .. Their supplies and stocks are mostly for cross stitching .. but the most beautiful thread cards - you have ever seen .. small craft boxes ... the cutest wooden measuring tapes ....

to be honest the list goes on ..pin cushions to make .. big letters to cross stitch .. I am thinking christmas stockings .. I think that it is a lovely range ... so ladies .. all of you out there - who cross stitch .. or who have never heard of it but might like to try it .. stay tuned ...

Great old solution to thread knotting ...


  1. Love the look of the piccy of the first pin cushion at the top of your blog post. Looks like it is in a wooden thimble?

    Great idea!

  2. Yes .. isn't it so cute Fiona ... how is your quilt going.. I would say that is keeping you very busy..

  3. That all looks very interesting...! I shall look out for when you have it all in stock..

  4. Hi Gwen, yep I haven't started it yet! Busy with other little things in between but my fabric is sitting there waiting it's turn!