Sunday, 31 October 2010

Westfalenstoffe fabrics

Westfalenstoffe fabrics

At last we have being able to pop our new delivery of westfalenstoffe fabrics into our shop - a few of you bloggers out there have being asking me when they were to arrive .. I thought that I would jot it here. These wide width fabrics are great for Christmas. although not 100% organic they have
No Azoic Dyes used during processing.
No Formaldehyde used during processing.
No Optical Bred during processing.ighteners us
Sympathetic pH - Value for skin.
Free from Chlorine Bleach.
Free from Heavy Metals.
Super quality and great design

We have also had a cute selection of cotton tapes arrive for Christmas stockings and decorations

All available now @


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  2. Got my westie fabrics very quickly, thanks very much. They have already been put to good use, were a dream to work on and easy on the eye. Thanks!