Thursday, 10 July 2014

WINNER of our September Blue giveaway

We have being absolutely over whelmed by the response to our September Blue giveaway - especially some of the amazing comments and top tips that we have had on our blog - we are so pleased and chuffed that you have taken the time to share with us your great tips - they are all so useful - THANK YOU …

So now to our winner .. the way I have chosen is - there are 98 comments on our blog and 181 comments on Facebook - so I have added them together and then chosen  from the random selector … 
together they combine to 279 comments and we will take the first comment on the blog as number 1 and the last comment on Facebook as 279….

And the Winner is Emma Jones 

Change your machine needle often and always match the right needle with the right fabric. Great giveaway!
Congratulations Emma and look forward to hearing to hearing from you regarding where to send your prize to ...

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  1. Oh, Wow! That would be me!! Just sending you an email. Thank you x