Saturday, 13 April 2013

Being too long...

I can't believe that it has being just over 3 months since I have last posted on my blog .. the past couple of months has being bonkers - we have moved house  and we are  slowly doing our new home up and the shop - things have being slightly bonkers.. That however has not stopped us getting lots and lots of new gorgeous textile treats in for you... But when this gorgeous new collection from Art Gallery fabrics rocked up - I just could not .. not post about it - firstly the cotton is just so soft ... and yum - 

Indian Summer is Sarah Watson's second collection for Art Gallery. Sarah is  constantly drawn to the inspiration around her, Sarah Watson is one designer whose style is truly eclectic. Her illustrated collections evoke an organic, earthy style, yet exude a modern ambiance with its stunning color combinations and geometrics. The great thing about this Indian Summer Collection is that is seems to just go with everything 

We have done some little inspirational boards below for you to have a look at - - there may be something that you fancy 

Above we have 

Above we have 

Above we have 

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