Friday, 24 February 2012

winner of give-away

Hello all we have a winner of our guessing the price giveaway The actual cost of the 17 fat quarters was  £56.57... Thank you to everyone for guessing ... Happy weekend

DebwFeb 19, 2012 12:27 PM
My guess is £56.50 - it has been enjoyable looking at your site trying to make a 'calculated' guess.
Congrats Debw .. please get in contact with me with your address..


  1. Congratulations Debw :)
    I cannot believe I was so close. I calculated the value until 53.37 and then couldn't decide whether the eighth FQ was "Amy Schlimer Animal party too fox on lime" for 2.48 or "Suzy Ultman critter community owls in bermuda" for 3.20. Apparently it was Suzy Ultman, wasn't it? Well, next time... :) Gwen, thank you for a fantastic competition!

  2. Awe nuts! Well guessed Deb.
    I suppose I will have to do more than window shop now!!

  3. Thanks - it was a great competition and I am delighted. Debbie Wiltshire

  4. Great work from the winner - a very impressive guess.