Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas quilt for wee newbie

Ever since Suzy Ultman's critter community arrived in the shop - I knew that I had to use it for this great little (simple) quilt that was going to zoom it's way to Mauritius... Unknown whether the new little person was going to be a  girl or a boy I thought better stick with oranges and greens .. just to play it safe ... My previous quilt to the same family I backed with a super soft fluffy backing - but this one I wanted to back this with a  functional towelling great for coming back from the beach or bath times.... perfect for a little newbie...


  1. Hi, this looks fantastic! I tried making a quilt last year, using a quilting book but became disheartened because it was so fiddly (this being the first time I attempted anything like this) - lots of triangles making stars etc... I bought some of your amazing cloth stacks though, and I don't want to give up just yet! The quilt you've designed looks fantastic, much more manageable - and functional. Is it a pattern you designed yourself, or did you find it somewhere? How easy would it be to someoen very new to quilting?

  2. Hello JBalaena -... and thank you for your fab comment ... so super simple ... just cut your fabric into strips and sew .. very simple .. I will get you a pic of it laid out .. I am not a great quilter- as I find it hard to have the time and also .. the patience .. I love this range of fabrics because the patterns speak for themselves and are very striking .. the cloths stacks are great .. and I reckon - 2 of those would make the top of one of these simple quits ... I backed this with towelling - because of the heat and I thought it would be more functional for her.. also you don't see the mistakes as easy ... thank you again - G