Sunday, 8 August 2010

some newbies

We have had a little week away ... in Ireland .. I have being there a couple of times this year .. over to my mum ... but a couple of new fabrics have arrived so I am going to be popping them on my website in the next day or 2 ....

Really lovely soft flannels to add to our ever-growing collection

Some cute new bird fabrics have also appeared in this small delivery

I will also be popping on some little bundles of Shintzi Katoh fabrics .. love the weave in these .. I am anxiously awaiting the new Kokka delivery .. there are some great Linen mixes in there .. and they are fab ... As usual we get everything behind the states which is really annoying.. so I will keep you posted when that arrives .. wasn't it a lovely day today ... ?


  1. OMG Gwen I just received my two bundles today. I love the fabrics, I tell you it's dangerous coming onto your site I want to buy everything! I love your new stuff. The Shintzi Katoh fabrics are they what you have photographed here, if so they are stunning. I love Kokka fabrics too. Well I hope you had sun on your visit to Ireland, we have it today glorious day!

  2. Hello Patchwork .. and thank you glad you enjoyed your fabrics .. I think that we had sun for one day .. the rest were brighted up by the fact that Kildare are in the Semi finals.. I always forget how seriously the football is taken at home ... Hope to see you Dubs in the Final!

  3. Tee hee, so I guess you are Irish then as opposed to married to one?