Sunday, 7 March 2010

little doggies

cute puppies 

I always get the sew hip magazine .. I know that I should start advertising in it .. but never seem to have enough time .. and the shop seems to be ticking over nicely at the moment (thank God) .. but I did spot these little dogs that I just had to have a go at .. not completely finished ... but nearly there.. have a peek and tell me what you think... I hope to do  craft fair this year .. hopefully fingers crossed - so I am trying to build up a stash to take with me I had better keep cracking 

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe no-one told you how FABULOUS these wee dogs are. Those lovely fabrics of yours really come into their own for projects like this don't they? I've just discovered you (on eBay actually)and I've had a good look around your 'shop'. I know where I'll be coming in the future!! Not sure if you'll see this post as the original was a while ago, but I do hope so. Sites like yours are few and far between so I'm grateful to add you to my list.
    All the very best, Judy
    PS Loving those bunnies too - I bet if you put them on eBay or etsy they'd sell in minutes and you wouldn't have to trek out in all weathers to do a craft fair lol!!